Trumperica Day -71

Well, it is the day after the election of Trump and I feel as though I’ve been sucked into an alternative universe. Not only did the Cubs win the World Series , but we in the United States have elected a reality TV star to be the most powerful person on the planet!

I teach high school kids. I opened today’s first period announcing that we had elected a new president, and that w would be experiencing the tradition of a peaceful transition of power, one of the great aspects of American democracy. I asked my students if they had anything to share. One of my Mexican American girls asked if there was going to be any support for people of color today, given the outcome of the race and the anticipation of more vitriol (my words here). Another student, a Muslim girl just wanted everyone to know that she had already been texted some awful things about her religion and how she felt since she was to be soon deported. She stated that it hadn’t even been 24 hours and she was getting this type of stuff already. Her message to the rest of my class was to be tolerant of others, people who like herself, may be a little different. On the one hand I was proud of her courage to reveal what was going on, and her message. On the other I was hurt since she was expecting this treatment, and was not shocked by the content, but rather by the timing of it all. She did say one thing that I was really happy of, that she is a citizen of this country.

On another note, I was glad to come home today to find that my kitties were still here to greet me! Despite the election results, people are not (yet) succumbing to eating cats.


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